Video equipment and skilful artistry are required to create a video that will inspire and connect with an audience.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes that is required to pull together a great video.


It’s a big decision choosing a videographer/creative director to work with.  There are increasingly more and more video options open to the consumer.  Among the vast array of professionals there are a variety of strengths and styles.



Save the Date Video at Golden Hour
Save the Date Video at Golden Hour


I believe your investment should take these 2  things into consideration:

1.  Do I love the style of this creative director/videographer?  Does their work draw my interest when I watch it?

2.  Do we connect – can I work with them and trust them to capture my vision and personality?


Each project is different in terms of workload and planning etc.  That is why I don’t have a set “menu” of prices.  I am happy to put together a personalised quote for your project.  If you choose Bec Davis TV, you have my personal commitment to detail and the strong work ethic you deserve.